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Hiring a Pro Flooring Contractor Versus DIY Hardwood Flooring Charleston SC

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Considering DIY floors? Here’s why you might want to hire a pro for hardwood flooring Charleston SC

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You may be considering a DIY hardwood floor for your home. We’re sure you have lots of valid reasons to want to do so. After all, you can save a bunch on labor costs if you install your hardwood floors yourself. However, there are many pitfalls to installing hardwood floors on your own, and tons of advantages of hiring a professional hardwood flooring company near you.

Top Rated Hardwood Flooring in Charleston SC

Boone Flooring is a top rated flooring company in the Greater Charleston, SC area. We have installed hundreds of beautiful new floors in custom homes in Kiawah Island, older homes across Charleston, or new home builds in areas like Johns Island and Summerville, SC areas.

Here are some Pros of hiring a Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation.


  1. Less headaches than DIY floors – Flooring can be a headache for the inexperienced homeowner. There’s tons of stuff that hardwood flooring professionals have picked up over the years that they take with them to every job. When a problem arises or things don’t go as planned, a flooring contractor knows exactly how to remedy the situation.
  2. Experienced Floor Installation – One of the worst things you can do is spend thousands of dollars redoing your hardwood floors. Homeowners then realize when it’s too late that hiring a professional hardwood flooring company would have been a good idea. It’s harder than it looks, and having a pro can ensure that your floor is level, doesn’t squeak or make noise under your feet, and looks great around your door jambs and other hard to cut areas.
  3. Quality in Workmanship – Workmanship may be the most important thing here when it comes to hardwood flooring. Your floors can really change the entire feel and look of your house if done properly. The professionals at Boone Flooring have experience with the most modest of homes to extravagant mansions on Kiawah Island. The quality we offer on every job is unrivaled and we stand behind our work.
  4. High Quality Materials – The materials you use are a big factor on getting the best hardwood flooring in your home. Flooring materials from Lowes and Home Depot are serviceable enough. However, when you use a reputable flooring contractor, they will give you your best options for hardwood flooring materials, padding and stains. You need someone with the knowledge and experience to make sure your floors last for a long, long time.
  5. Planning for the Future – Boone Flooring can help you maximize your investment. We’ll make sure you are picking the right materials and stains for your use. Are you flipping a home? Do you have animals or kids? Will there be a lot of traffic or possibility of moisture? Boone Flooring takes into consideration many factors to make sure your floor lasts for a long time.

Ready to Get Started on Your Hardwood Flooring Project?

If you are looking for Hardwood Flooring near you, or if you are experiencing flooring issues, it may be time for a consultation from Boone Flooring in Charleston SC. We would love to give you a free estimate for your floor refinishing or installation job in Charleston SC.
We even do hardwood flooring jobs as far as Hilton Head and Beaufort, so feel free to give us a call at 843.345.7491 or contact us today!