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Deck Refinishing Contractors

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So you’re looking for a deck refinishing contractor near you?

Once upon a time, your deck was awesome and new with that fresh wood smell, but the years haven’t been kind and now it’s looking a little drab. It might be time to start thinking about refinishing your old deck. As a homeowner, you should know the signs pointing to needing your deck restored or refinished by a deck refinishing contractor near you.

Boone Flooring will do two things for your old deck: Refinishing will improve the exterior of your home and prolong the life of the wood your deck is built with.

We handle deck refinishing jobs and deck restoration in the Greater Charleston area as well as Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC.

Here’s how you know when it’s time for a deck refinishing.

  1. Split, Loose or Cracked Boards – Split or cracking deck boards can be the easiest sign it’s time for a deck restoration or refinishing. Refinishing your deck first requires that you replace and rotten, work, split or cracked decking boards. Replace Bowed boards as they can cause a hazard for your guests and yourself!
  2. Your Deck Paint is Flaking or Peeling Off – If you have peeling and flaking paint on your deck, it’s best to have the entire deck stripped and a good powerwash. Find a qualified deck refinishing contractor near you to have the deck properly repaired, and then painted or stained to give you a beautiful deck.
  3. Rotten Wood – Moisture can cause your boards to rot over time and if you have signs of rotten deck boards, it’s time to replace those. Don’t let these go for too long as they can cause injury and major issues later on.
  4. Fading and Discoloration of Deck Boards – If your deck looks dull, faded or discolored from the sun and the elements, it’s definitely time to refinish. Over time the weather, traffic and other factors can really damage the look and integrity of your deck. It’s important to have a professional deck restoration company take a look at your deck to give expert recommendations on refinishing and fixing any issues.
  5. Raised Screws and Loose Boards – One of the most common problems we see with decks is nails popping out of the boards over time. Nails can sometimes pop out from traffic and the wood expanding or contracting due to weather and temperature.While it might seem logical to hammer or screw them back down, you might actually damage the deck by doing so. Raised screws and nails are a major safety issue and should be taken care of immediately.

Ready to Get Started on Your Deck Refinishing Project?

If you are looking for a deck refinishing contractor near you, or if you are experiencing any of these deck issues, it may be time for a deck restoration from Boone Flooring in Charleston SC. We would love to give you a free consultation and estimate for your deck restoration or deck refinishing job in the Greater Charleston, SC area.
We even do deck restoration jobs as far as Hilton Head and Beaufort, so feel free to give us a call at 843.345.7491 or contact us today!