Flooring Removal

Have an old floor that you need removed? We have the equipment to take out any floor.

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Engineered Glued Down Floor Removal


Floor Removal Services from Boone Flooring can make your flooring removal project easy, fast, and cost effective.

There are a myriad of reasons why removing your flooring is better left to a professional flooring company. Tearing up your old glued down engineered flooring is a messy process and can be a much bigger project than it seems like. The dust in your home needs to be contained so it does not cover your home and furniture, and you also want areas that don’t need flooring removal to be protected from damage. Dust control can be a big issue in these old Charleston, SC homes if floor removal if not contained properly. It is also difficult to pry off the flooring from the subfloor because the glue that holds them together is like cement, and you run the risk of ruining your subfloor, hurting yourself, and spending many more hours than if our crew came in to remove it professionally. There’s also safety concerns with allergens, mold and mildew that could have collected over the years from moisture and other elements.

Boone Flooring’s flooring removal service has advanced equipment to remove carpet, tile floors, vinyl, stone, engineered hardwood floors and any type of flooring adhesive or glue.

We are Licensed and Insured in the State of South Carolina.




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